One of the most crucial aspects in Rise of Kingdoms is a players alliance. Choosing to join a strong alliance will make a significant difference in a players overall experience in Rise of Kingdoms. This is due to all of the beneficial effects that an alliance can provide to your City. 

At the beginning of any Rise of Kingdoms account you are given the choice to create, or join an alliance. For new players we suggest joining an alliance and learning more about the system before deciding to create a new alliance.

Because of the several beneficial aspects, you should join an alliance as quickly as possible. Alliance members can help cut down on the time required to build structures, and research within your city. They provide the ability to combine your armies within a rally to attack larger structures and barbarians forts. Alliance members can reinforce your city with their troops if you are under attack by an enemy. You will be able to gain the benefit of the alliance research, and the alliance territory. You will be given alliance gifts and chests, and be given the opportunity to participate in more Rise of Kingdoms events.

The alliance aspect of Rise of Kingdoms plays a large role within your account. Therefore, we have created a short guide to help players understand the role of all members of an alliance.

Joining an Alliance

One of the first things that every player should do when they first begin playing Rise of Kingdoms is create or join an alliance. To join an alliance first click on the small alliance icon located near the bottom right corner of the gameplay screen. Once the icon is pressed an image similar to the picture to the right will appear. After you have pressed the join button the second panel will appear. This panel displays the list of current alliances within your kingdom. You will be able to see if the alliance require you to apply before you are accepted, or if anyone can join as long as there is room. The Total Alliance power, which is the sum of all the current members power. How many open slots the alliance has, and also the main language that the alliance will speak. Rise of Kingdoms does have a translator for all of their chatrooms. However, the translator is not perfect, so it may be easier to join an alliance that use a language you are fluent in.

The Alliance Panel

The War symbol represents the alliance rallies toward a barbarian, an enemy City, or an enemy flag or fortress. This symbol will also be indicated if an enemy is rallying or scouting a structure of your alliance. To Join rallies that a member of your alliance has started you would first click this icon than select whichever rally you want to send your troops to join.


The Territory icon represents the area of the kingdom map that your alliance has claimed by placing their flag. The first structure built by your alliance is an alliance fortress. Then in order to grow your alliance territory the alliance leader, and the Rank 4 members will place flags. Each member of the alliance will then send troops to help

build these flags to increase the alliance territory. The Holy Sites icon represents the temples and sanctums that are scattered across the kingdom that your alliance have captured. These sites are difficult to capture and to protect against enemy alliances. However, they do provide your alliance with decent boost and buffs. They also are protected by guardians that provide excellent experience for your commanders, and when eliminated the guardians drop "runes" that provide additional boosts.


The Help icon is where you can provide help to your alliance members, and where they will help you. They can help lower the time it takes to build structure, lower the time to finish new technology, and lower the time that it takes to heal your troops. Especially later in the game when buildings can take upwards of 30 days to build this help button becomes increasingly significant, and is one of the main reasons you need to find an alliance that has many active players.  

**Remember not to use your speed ups on buildings and technology until after you have received your maximum amount of helps.


The Storehouse icon on the alliance panel represents the alliance resources. There are special alliance resource tiles scattered across the kingdom map. When your alliance places a flag near one of these tiles your alliance storehouse will begin accumulating resources. These resources are distributed among all the alliance members. This icon will not be very significant for you unless you are the leader of your alliance, or you are a rank 4 member.


The Technology icon represents your alliances technology. Another great reason for joining an elite alliance is the alliance technology. Your alliance will work together, donating resources in order to acquire alliance boosts through these technologies. There is a set amount of time between each chance you are given to donate. Your donation opportunities will continue to accumulate to a maximum of 20. Donate often and help your alliance with the technology.


The Gifts icon represents the gifts that you have been given just by being part of your alliance. These gifts include barbarian fort gifts, (gift given every time your alliance eliminates a barbarian fort) and also gifts from your alliance members from every time they purchase a bundle or gem pack from Rise of Kingdoms. Also every time an alliance member opens a gift you are given golden keys to open a larger alliance treasure, and also purple triangles which increase your alliances overall gift level. The higher the gift level, the better quality of the gifts that you will receive.


The Shop icon represents the alliance shop. This shop is very similar to the shop within your city. However, rather than the currency being gems, in the alliance shop the currency is silver alliance credits. The alliance leader and the rank 4 members of the alliance will stock this shop with items that the alliance members can all purchase. You can gain the individual credits by donating to the alliance technology, using the alliance help button, and helping with the building of alliance buildings. If you decide to leave your current alliance you will still maintain your current individual alliance credits.

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