Rise of Kingdoms is a war game, and the best part of any war game is attacking your enemies. Many players just simply tap on an enemy, let the game auto create a army to march, and then send their troops out while simply hoping for the best. This is NOT the way to attack in Rise of Kingdoms. In the FRL Gaming Guide too Attacking in Rise of Kingdoms we provide all the necessary information that players need to be a conquering hero. This guide includes the basics such as troop attributes, which troop is the best for each situation, and the troops players should focus on training.

We also cover all aspects of rallies, which commanders should be leading rallies, which troops should be in the rally, and how many troops will be needed in some of the most occurring situations. There will also be several open field tactics that players can use within the game, and in events such as the Ark of Osiris. We are constantly updating all information and tips for attacking to keep our members informed. Become a member today to receive all the best information on attacking barbarians, player vs player battles, and rallies on all structures and City Halls. For a limited time Sign Up to become a FRL Gaming member For FREE, this offer will not last so act now.

The Basics

One of the best features of Rise of Kingdoms is the troop control system. Our team has reviewed several RTS war games. With most of these types of games all you can do is pick your armies final destination and hope for the best. However, the unrestricted troop movement system in Rise of Kingdoms creates a much more dynamic and exciting gameplay. 

The most basic open-field battles for players of Rise of Kingdoms is attacking barbarians. The easiest way to accomplish this is by first finding a barbarian unit that you want to attack.

After you tap on the red "ATTACK" button, the sidebar will  appear of available units that you can deploy. You then have the option of selecting one of the available troops that are already on the map, or you can create a new unit.

Often times in Rise of Kingdoms you will want to send multiple troops to attack the same target. The "Multiple Selection" tool on the sidebar makes selecting multiple troops extremely efficient and simple. 

Open-Field Attacking

Once you have tapped on the "Multiple Selection" an empty box will appear next to every available unit to deploy. You then can select which troops you want to attack the barbarian. 

You will notice that the more of the troops that you decide to send, the more of the green Action Points that are consumed.

Grab and Drag Feature
There is also the grab and drag option for attacking
Grab the unit, or grab the Commander Icon from the sidebar and drag to the point of attack

1. To quickly dispatch an army, press and hold your city while in map view, then drag your finger to the target destination. A "New Troops" page will open where you can select commanders and troops to dispatch

2. This Hold & Drag feature can be used to dispatch troops from holy sites and allied cities as well

3. Hold & Drag can also be used to quickly give orders to armies already on the map.

4. You can even Hold & Drag from the commander icons in the army management panel on the right side of the screen.

5. Double click any of your armies on the map to select all armies in view and issue simultaneous orders.

6. If the target destination is inaccessible, armies will automatically march to the closest accessible location on the map.

7. Hold & Drag orders cannot be issued to rallied armies, carriages, or routed armies

8. When using Hold & Drag to issue orders to armies, tap the screen with another finger to cancel.

Tips, Tricks, and Attacking Tactics Using
The Grab & Drag Feature

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