The Basics 

The basics is a general guide to the functionality of Rise of Kingdoms (RoK).
Starting a new game can be difficult, we have all played games where there are 
buttons, items, or functions that we are never really sure just what the real purpose is.
Provided below are the descriptions of all the relevant aspects of RoK.
Understanding the Basics

In order to become an expert a complete understanding of the basics is essential. However, not all players have the same level of understanding and our goal at FRL gaming is to give you the information you want and need as quickly as possible so that you can get back to the game.

Interested In Rise of Kingdoms?

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Beginner Information

Rise of Kingdoms provides a short tutorial for all players of the game. However, there are still several questions that could be answered for unexperienced players.

FRL Gaming has created a guide for players after the tutorial is over. We have attempted to answer several questions that new players have. Following this guide when beginning the game will give players an edge over those who elect to slowly learn though mistakes. We also continually answer questions from our members and continue to update the beginner information.



Rise of Kingdoms is a war game, so understanding all the aspects of attacking is crucial for excelling at this game. Click below to see the FRL guide to all the information that players will need when attacking in Rise of Kingdoms.


From open field battles, to sending siege to a fortress. From attacking barbarians, to player vs player battles, you will find all the material you will need to conquer your enemies.

City Buildings

In RoK every City is filled with buildings that will guide a players growth. Every building plays a different role, and aids a governors progress by accomplishing a different goal. 

Here FRL gaming provides both the Rise of Kingdoms description of each building, and also our own description of the role and importance of each building.

Tips and Hacks

In Rise of Kingdoms there are many ways to gain the advantage over the competition. At FRL Gaming we collect and post all the ways that we can help our members and community stay ahead of their enemies. 


Click below to obtain all the best tips, tricks and hacks of Rise of Kingdoms. Sign up to become a member and receive updates on all new tips posted.

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