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So you just downloaded Rise of Kingdoms (RoK).
However, in the beginning mastering all of the components can be difficult, as is the case with most strategy games. Once you understand the basics of Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), everything else will seem easy
Rise of Kingdoms does provide a short tutorial for beginning the game. This walks you through several of the operating components and controls. There are still plenty of questions that the new user may have, so we created a guide to help give you an advantage over the competition.
If there is anything that you have a question about that we have not covered please contact us and let us know so that we can help. We rely on our members and community to keep us running through their support and donations. So in return we hope to give them as much support and assistance as possible.
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The Tutorials Over, Now What?

The aspect of the Rise of Kingdoms strategy game that distinguishes it above the rest is the several choices and variations it allows the user to make. Understanding the ultimate goal of the game will enhance your capability to select from the options. Which will give you a significant advantage as you progress in the game.

When the tutorial ends your city should look similar to the one on the left. You need to move quickly to become as strong as possible before the shields drop and the war begins. 

Below are explanations of the components, and recommendations on what you should do next and why.

Grow Your City And Power Quickly

In Rise of Kingdoms the most important building within your walls is the City Hall. All other construction, and technology depend on its level. As you increase the size of your City Hall (CH) you will be given the ability to construct new buildings, as well as duplicate buildings that produce resources. There are two methods of upgrading your city.


First is the method of full development. In this method every time you upgrade your city hall you would follow it by building all possible new buildings. And also upgrading every building in your city to its highest possible level before you upgrade your city hall again.

The second method is to only build and upgrade the essential buildings within your city for which the next city hall upgrade requires. (Required buildings are located in the red box as seen in the picture to the left). When you press the green upgrade arrow, a screen appears displaying all the information for upgrading your City Hall. The red box highlights the requirements for an upgrade to the next level. This includes the resource requirement, and the two buildings (the wall, and Hospital) that are also required to be upgraded before the City Hall.

Of these two options we highly suggest the second. Moving as quickly as possible through the upgrades will rapidly increase your power. You will also be given the options to research higher tiers of troops. Having the strongest possible troops is crucial, especially early in a kingdom as you are more likely to be attacked. Raising your power quickly will increase your chance of being accepted by a stronger alliance, which will greatly help you grow as the game progresses.

Create A Fierce Army

The reason behind upgrading your City Hall as quickly as possible is increasing the strength of your army. Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy war game, so the most important aspect of your city is your military might. RoK has a tier based system for armies and soldier. To acquire each new tier players are required to reach higher levels of their City Hall. Once the City Hall has reached the required level the research is unlocked for the new soldiers.

Each tier is significantly stronger than the last. That is why we recommend obtaining tier 4 troops as fast as possible, which are only available when your City Hall is level 21. There is another tier (Tier 5) that we are not showing here. This tier is extremely difficult to acquire and there will be a separate section dedicated to that tier.

Join A Strong Alliance 

Joining or Creating a Rise of Kingdoms alliance is crucial. This is due to the several positive effects that being in an alliance has.


There are several ways in which your alliance members can help you grow and fight. Your alliance members will be able to decrease the time it takes to build, research, and heal troops. Alliance members can gift resources if you are running low, can help you attack, and bolster your defenses if an enemy attacks.


In Rise of Kingdoms there are computer based enemies called barbarians. These barbarians have forts that you can destroy to obtain gifts and resources. However, in order to defeat a barbarian fort you must work with your alliace members and combine your armies in a rally against the barbarians. These rallies will also be used when attacking other players in the game, if you are at war. 

Rise of kingdoms alliances also provide you with added protection. Alliance members can reinforce your city if it is under attack. So find a strong alliance and make new some friends quickly. You will have more fun, and sleep better knowing your alliance is watching out for your city.

Explore The Unknown

Initially in Rise of Kingdoms if you scroll out from your city. (Lilith added a great feature, pinch the screen with two fingers and you can scroll all the way out to get a birds eye view of your city. The same works for zooming into your city with a smooth transition). You will see your city sounded by nothing but a thick layer of fog. This is another great feature of RoK, in order to view all of your new kingdom you must first send out your scouts to explore.

Explore as often as possible. Keep those scouts moving at all times. The more of the kingdom map that you uncover the more beneficial it will be to you in the long run. Exploring provides more than just an understanding of your place in the kingdom. 

The first benefit of exploring is obviously having a clear understanding of the area you are in. Also who are the other players around you, and how fast are they growing compared to you. This will also provide you with an idea of what alliances you may consider joining depending on how many of them are in your section of the kingdom.

The other benefit of exploring the fog in Rise of Kingdoms is that there are randomly placed mysterious caves, and tribal villages that can be discovered. Every time one of your scouts finds one of these structures you will be sent a mail. By tapping on the mail for the Tribal Villages you are instantly brought to the area of the kingdom to which the scout found the village. Once you tap on the village with the small present above it you will receive a reward. The types of rewards include resources, soldiers to add to your army, research and technology, and several other great bonuses.

You will also receive a mail every time one of your scouts discover a mysterious cave. The caves are slightly different from the tribal villages in that in order to receive the gifts you must send a scout back out to investigate the cave. Depending on the treasure level of the cave. (low, medium, or high) You will receive some type of gift. 

As your city grows you will be able to increase the size of the building called the Scout Camp. Increasing the level will allow you to send more scouts out at a time. Increase the the level of your Scout Camp to eleven to acquire 3 scouts. Too often players dismiss this part of the game when starting a city in Rise of Kingdoms. We highly recommend using the benefits of exploring when starting a new kingdom. If you use these rewards wisely you will have obtained a significant edge over the competition.

Become A VIP

Rise of Kingdoms provides its users with a VIP status. Every time you increase your VIP level you will receive amazing bonuses in every aspect of the game. However, you are only given a maximum of 200 points per day, which may sound great at first but when you discover that the higher levels of VIP require hundreds of thousands of points, you relies that 200 is just a drop in the bucket.

The good new is that for beginners, the VIP level they need to reach is just 6. This is because at level 6 VIP, the second building queue is unlocked allowing for construction on two structures simultaneously, which is essential for your growth. Reaching the higher levels of VIP will cost you some money, but if you don't mind spending it the VIP top levels are well worth it.

Recruit and Develop Commanders

Rise of Kingdom commanders are a unique variation to the war strategy game. They will be the most crucial element in the strength of your army and the growth of your city. 

If you develop your commanders incorrectly your power and growth will suffer. 

Increasing a commanders experience is done by either battling barbarians, or by using Tome of Knowledge that are acquire through several methods.

It is important to understand that maximizing a commanders level, and skill requires a massive amount of experience and items. So you must use what you have on a select few of your top commanders.

To get a full explanation on how to increase commanders power and experience, as well as all information concerning all the generals in Rise of Kingdoms please check out our Commanders Page.

Special Thanks to Snake_eyes23 for providing us with this next great question. 
Important Buildings 

There are twelve different selections in the economic building tab. These buildings are essential for growth and will provide your city with such things as resources, and technology. When first beginning your city we suggest that you build all of your resource buildings. However, when you are upgrading your City Hall to obtain higher tier troops we suggest you only upgrade one to the required level. Until you reach the desired level of your City Hall, then the rest should be updated. 

There are nine different building selections in the military tab. These buildings are for growing your army, exploring the vast kingdom, and for recruitment of commanders. As with the resource building only upgrade your training facilities as needed until you reach your desired level of City Hall. Also there has been some confusion of the building call the "Castle". This building allows you to create rallies with your alliance members. Each time you increase the level of your Castle then amount of soldiers that can be in a rally that you set also increases.

The Decorative Tab for building is not essential for your growth. These are all items and structures that you can place in your city, but they are simply decorations. There are some quests later in RoK that require you to place some of these objects in your city, but other than that they are not necessary. 

For a summary of each building and what its purpose is click here

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