Important Tips For Your Commanders

There are a few very important things that everyone should know about the RoK commanders. If you are not using some of these tips then you could be ruining your best commanders.

We will continue to update this list as Rise of Kingdoms continues to evolve. To see the comprehensive list of everything you need to know about creating the optimal commanders click the button below. 

Commander Rankings

Provided are several lists of how the commanders stack up when focused on important areas of the Rise of Kingdoms gameplay. As the RoK app continues to update and make changes the list will be adjusted for those changes.

All the commanders in Rise of Kingdoms have different expertise. Each commander has elements of the game that they excel at, and parts of the game in which they are inferior.

Commander Talent Trees

When commanders are sent to the battlefield and are victorious they gain experience. As the commander gains experience the level of the commander is increased. And with the upgrade of each level talent points are given to be used on the commanders talent tree.

Each Commander has three main branches of their talent tree. Depending on what the main purpose of the commander is will determine which branch of the talent tree the earned talent points should be added.

Commander Skills

In Rise of Kingdoms there are two ways that each commander needs to upgraded. One of those is the commander skills. These skills give the commanders significant boosts in both battles and in other areas.

Some commanders skills are stronger than others and like most aspects of RoK this depends on the situation. Provided is an organized and explained list of the commander skills.

Best Commander Duos

When sending out your commanders to preform any task in Rise of Kingdoms there is both a primary commander, and a secondary commander.

If combined correctly your commanders will have

a significant advantage over those that are paired without complimentary aspects. And by selecting the correct type of military units for your commander pairing you will create an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Commander Gatherers

Rise of Kingdoms is a war game. However, that does not mean that the commanders who do not excel at war are any less important. Commanders with the gatherer ability, if used wisely can help boost your city at a much faster rate than your enemies.


By increasing the gathering commanders abilities you are capable of gathering resources at a much faster rate. As your city grows buildings will climb to well over 20 million of each resource. So developing quality commanders with resources as their objective is imperative for the growth of your city.

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