Mightiest Governor

Consisting of five different stages, with the duration of six days. The Mightiest Governor event in Rise of Kingdoms has the purpose of finding the strongest governors in each kingdom. The governors with the ability to reach the top will earn high quality prizes that will contribute to the governors growth.

At FRL gaming we collect all pertinent information about each event including The Mightiest Governor. From an in depth explanation of the rules and restrictions, to all tips and hints that will help you rise to the top. We continue to give our members all the best information.

Kingdom Vs Kingdom

The KvK event in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the most highly anticipated events in the game. With the last stage finally opening The Lost Kingdom for and epic battle. Your kingdom will go to battle against seven other surrounding kingdoms. They will all fight for control of the Lost Kingdom. FRL gaming gives you all important information, and tips and hints.

The kingdom vs kingdom event, (kvk) also known as The Next Crusade event in Rise of Kingdoms. This event will not appear until your kingdom has matured, and it marks the second stage of your battle as a governor as you rise to rule.

Lohar's Trial

Lohar's Trial in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the first events that governors will face. The premise of this event is fairly simple, attack as many barbarians as possible to acquire items called "Bone Necklace's".

Once the necklaces are used they 

Ark Of Osiris

The epic battle between two Egyptian deities, Iset and Seth. Two alliances will each join one of the opposing sides and face off on a secluded desert battlefield. Their armies will clash for the control of the Ark of Osiris.

In Rise of Kingdoms the Ark

of Osiris has quickly become one of the favorites among the events. FRL gaming explains all aspects of the desert battlefield, along with the rules of the event. We also give our members the best strategies for their alliance to deploy to ensure victory.

Karuak Ceremony

The Karuak Ceremony event in Rise of kingdoms is a quality event for governor growth. This event requires strength of individual forces, as well as teamwork between alliance members. With several difficulty levels that when defeated grant several quality prizes. While also granting commanders with a ton

of experience from each battle. If done properly this event is one of the top events that will aid in the growth of your city. 

FRL gaming continues to gather all of the top tips and hints to help our members conquer this event and strengthen their city and commanders.

Midsummer Party

grant the governor prizes and also the ability to summon Lohar himself. There is more to this event than most believe. FRL gaming provides all important information of performing this event, and also everything that governors should do with the prizes they receive.

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