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Karuak Ceremony

The Rise of Kingdoms Event Karuak Ceremony is one of the best events in RoK. This is because of the great rewards for completing the event. Rewards that include massive amounts of Commander experience, resources, and even golden Commander Sculptures. 

In this event Governors will progress through a series of 100 elite barbarian units. With each stage that players are able to defeat, the rewards that will be given at the end of the event increase. If the barbarian enemies become to difficult for a single player they can ask for help from their alliance members.

The Karuak Ceremony also includes an alliance stage. Once enough members have reached the required benchmark the alliance will work together to accomplish more of the tasks.

The Karuak Ceremony Rise of Kingdom Rules

1. Before the beginning of the ceremony, the challenger must choose a difficulty. Greater rewards will be received for completing challenges at higher difficulties, but once the challenger has chosen a difficulty, it cannot be changed for the remainder of the ceremony.

2. Usually, challengers may only participate in the ceremony by launching a regular attack or rally attack, and other governors cannot provide assistance. However, if the challenger sends out call for help, allies who wish to provide assistance will be able to launch a rally attack. Calling for help will expend a Mark of the Karuak--these items are extremely rare, so use them wisely.

3. If a rally attack is launched to complete a challenge, additional reinforcements cannot be sent after the rallied army has departed.

4. Governors who help their allies complete a challenge will occasionally be rewarded with a Mark of the Karuak. However, the probability of receiving sure a rare item is quite low.

5. At the start of the ceremony, all governors will receive five Marks of the Karuak. Unused marks will be reclaimed at the end of the ceremony.

6. At the end of the ceremony, governors will receive an occult treasure corresponding to the highest level challenge they completed during the ceremony.

FRL Gaming Karuak Ceremony Guide

The first thing every player will see when they begin the Karuak Ceremony Event is the image to the right. This image displays the difficulty selection that players will 

choose from. In order to pick a higher level you must first defeat the preceding difficulty level. 

After the difficulty has been chosen, you begin the event by challenging the level 1 Udor. As seen in the adjacent picture, each time you challenge another enemy it will consume 50 Action Points. Then players must consume more Action points to attack the summoned Udor. It is clear to see how this event will be a significant drain on your Action Points, use you Points wisely and try not to consume to many of your reserves.

Once you Challenge a Udor and the barbarian appears on the map only you can attack and eliminate the barbarian force. (unless you ask for help from your alliance members) So you do not have to worry about some other player stealing your Karuak Ceremony kills.

The Karuak Ceremony also has an alliance event that can only be accomplished once the requirements have been met. (The requirements, like in the picture to the right include such standards as at least 20 alliance member must have completed Challenge 40 on HARD difficulty or higher.)

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