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Rise of Kingdoms is a RTS (real-time strategy) war game. This game is a free to download application that is available on several platforms, and is a massive multiplayer online game (MMO). Players from around the world play together in one of the many of available kingdoms. 

The first unique thing that we immediately noticed about Rise of Kingdoms is that the commanders that lead your armies are actual legends pulled straight from history. This gives all the characters a well known backstory before you even beginning the game. 

At FRL Gaming we have played and reviewed several of the same ole RTS apps that all seem to have the same general build. Many of these apps change a few of the graphics and try to sell you on it being a totally different game. However, with Rise of Kingdoms (RoK), we were pleasantly surprised with the choices and variations that they provide to the users. From the beginning, in the tutorial, users get to select what culture they want their Cities to be. Each culture or region is given some variation of boosts and buffs. There are also several variations and options that Rise of Kingdoms gives to users on how to build and strengthen their RPG style Commanders. There are a vast amount of variations and choices that users can make while developing their kingdom, and to their forces which leads to a much more dynamic gameplay.


Rise of Kingdoms has several features that are unique and innovative. The first of which is the real time battles, and controls. Unlike most other games of this style, where a players troops travel from one point to another. In RoK they have developed a much more dynamic and interactive form of controlling your troops. Users are given the ability to grab and drag their troops to any location at any time. The additional control over your forces allows for actual strategy on the battlefield. This is a pleasant contrast to other RTS games in which users press a pray (press a single button on hope for the best of their mindless troops) . Rise of Kingdoms has several features that are unique and innovative. The other original attributes include a full zoom, which allows the players to zoom fully out to view the entire kingdom, then seamlessly zoom all the way in to view your city. There are several original obtainable items, gifts, and game modes that really impressed our team. 

Usually when we talk about updates in one of our reviews we are complaining about how many things needed to be fixed with a game. With Rise of Kingdoms the updates are actually a plus. The game is constantly adding new features, events, and commanders. This keeps the game fresh, and has kept us excited to see what they will develop next. Recently they added an event "The Ark of Osiris", this is an amazing new game mode that allows alliances to pit their best fighters against each other on a private desert battlefield. There are a wide range of events, game modes, and features that if you take the time to learn will keep you glued to your device.


The loudest complaint that we have heard from our members thus far is that this game is "pay to win". For those who do not know what that means, it refers to games that are originally free to play or download. However, when you start to play you quickly relies that in order to keep up with the competition you must buy some of the bundles or packs that contain bonuses and gifts. We would add however, that Rise of Kingdoms does give players who do not want to buy anything plenty of events and quests in which they can earn gems and speedups.

Another repeated complaint we have heard often is the constant danger of being "zeroed". (losing all your resources, and many troops from being attacked by another player) We can understand the frustration of feeling like you constantly need to be aware of what is happening in a game. There are options for those players who need to step away from their kingdoms, such as peace shields, that protect your city from all attacks for a set amount of time. Other players seem to enjoy this risk in the game. "It adds a sense of risk and urgency to the game, rather than the boring reset and start again cause you just lost." We understand that this is a war game, but being glued to a game 24/7 can be overwhelming, even for the most avid of gamers.

Although our team has experienced very few issues with lag, and loading screens of Rise of Kingdoms. Several of our member have brought up connectivity issues. This could be the issue of their device or connection, so it is hard for us to place the blame on the Rise of Kingdoms servers. There have also been several update issues with new events, especially as the game begins to grow in popularity.

Final FRL Review

As with all games and apps that our FRL Gaming team has reviewed there are positives and negatives to this game. Our team has arrived at the conclusive decision that Rise of Kingdoms is an overall fantastic RTS game. The unique features, original gameplay and events, and interactive controls give Rise of Kingdoms an almost addictive quality. Although the testing period has ended, our team members have continued to play the game. So we would highly suggest Rise of Kingdoms to our gaming community. 

As Always We Hope This Helped,
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