The Mightiest Governor

Rise of Kingdoms event The Mightiest Governor is the most significant event in the game. It will be one of the first significant events that new players of Rise of Kingdoms will see. This event consists of five stages that span over six days. This event is significant due to the governors ability to demonstrate their strength to the kingdom. All of the stages lead up to the kill event, which last the final two days. 

Below we will provide all information that every Governor will need to participate in the Mightiest Governor. Also all the precautions players should take while The Mightiest Governor event is occurring in their kingdoms. As well as tips and hints to help all our members take the title of The Mightiest Governor.

Stage 1 - Training Troops

The Mightiest Governor event begins with the stage one training of troops. The object of this stage is simple, create as many troops as possible in the 24 hours that the stage lasts. Governors are awarded the same amount of points no matter what type of troop they create, infantry, cavalry, or archers. However, players will be awarded a higher amount of points if they create a higher tier of units. As they take longer to create, and more resources. 

Train a Tier 1 Unit   -   5 Point(s)

Train a Tier 2 Unit   -   10 Point(s)

Train a Tier 3 Unit   -   20 Point(s)

Train a Tier 4 Unit   -   40 Point(s)

Train a Tier 5 Unit   -   100 Point(s)

When you upgrade troops rather than training them you will receive the difference between 

the two tiers points. 

How To Score Points 
Stage 2 - Defeating Barbarians

Stage 2 of the Rise of Kingdoms event The Mightiest Governor is defeating barbarians. In this stage players send out their troops to eliminate as many barbarian troops as possible. The barbarian armies are scattered randomly across each kingdoms map. Each of the barbarian troops will have a number placed on them that represents their strength. The higher the number on the barbarian the more difficult it will be for the player to defeat them. However, the higher the number of the barbarian troop the more points that the player will receive.


Action Points must be consumed every time troops are sent out to eliminate barbarians. The amount of Action points a player has remaining is located in the top left corner of the screen (the green meter). Players can use items called Action Point Recovery in order to increase their Action Points so that they can attack more barbarians. However, players should use these carefully as many other events, will require these items.

How To Score Points 

Defeat a Lvl. 1-6 Barbarian Troop          -      300 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 7-9 Barbarian Troop          -      600 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 10-12 Barbarian Troop      -      900 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 13-15 Barbarian Troop      -      1200 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 16-17 Barbarian Troop      -      1500 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 18-19 Barbarian Troop      -      1800 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 20 Barbarian Troop           -      2100 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 21 Barbarian Troop           -      2400 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 22 Barbarian Troop           -      2700 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 23 Barbarian Troop           -      3000 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 24 Barbarian Troop           -      3300 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 25 Barbarian Troop           -      3600 Point(s)

- Higher Level Barbarians Arrive once The Lost Kingdom Opens

Defeat a Lvl. 26-30 Barbarian Troop      -      4000 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 31-35 Barbarian Troop      -      4500 Point(s)

Defeat a Lvl. 36-40 Barbarian Troop      -      5000 Point(s)

Stage 3 - Gathering Resources 

The third stage of The Mightiest Governor Event is Gathering Resources. This stage, like the first two stages last 24 hours. In order for a Governor to acquire points during this stage players must send their troops out to resource tiles to gather as many resources as possible. There are several ways to increase your speed and efficiency in gathering resources. Sign up to become a member to get the gathering and all the Events Strategies and Tips.

Gather 100 Food    -   1 Point(s)

Gather 100 Wood   -   1 Point(s)

Gather 100 Stone   -   2 Point(s)

Gather 100 Gold     -   5 Point(s)

Gather 1 Gem        -   150 Point(s)

How To Score Points 
Stage 4 - Upgrading Power

The Fourth Stage of the Rise of Kingdoms Event The Mightiest Governor is upgrading Power. During this stage players will compete by acquiring points through upgrading their overall power through any means. This includes upgrading buildings, finishing research, and training troops. Governors can gain significant points toward their Mightiest Governor total, while they are continuing to grow. 

How To Score Points 

Increase Troop Power by 1                2 Point(s)

Building Power Increases by 1            2 Point(s)

Technical Power Increases by 1          2 Point(s)

Stage 5 - Eliminating Enemies

The Fifth Stage of The Mightiest Governor Event is Eliminating Enemies. This stage is also commonly called the "Kill Event" within the game. During this event players are pinned against each other as scoring points can only be obtained through killing and injuring enemy units. 

Players need to be more aware and alert during this stage than during any other time in the game. This is due to all players looking for easy targets to gain points. We highly suggest that if players cannot be attentive on the game to use the item "Peace Shield" to protect their Cities from enemy attacks.

Players should also refrain from gathering resources during this stage of the event. Other players will target all troops that are unprotected on a resource tile. WARNING, Unless it is your kingdoms first round of the Mightiest Governor then stage 5 will last 48 hours, a day longer than the rest of the stages. We have heard of many of our members not knowing about this fact and losing many troops due to this mistake. For all the best tips and help on destroying your enemies in the Kill Event, and in all battles Sign Up to join the FRL Gaming Community

How To Score Points 

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 1 Unit         1 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 2 Unit         2 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 3 Unit         4 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 4 Unit         8 Point(s)

Severely Wound/Kill a Tier 5 Unit         20 Point(s)

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