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Rise of Kingdoms is a completely free game for everyone to download and to play. With Rise of Kingdoms offering plenty of in game bonuses that allow players to earn gems, speedups, and resources by completing certain goals. 

As with most games and apps, Rise of Kingdoms offers players an option to advance rapidly within the game. This is done by purchasing the Rise of Kingdoms bundles, and gem packs. We know that some of you may think it strange to spend your hard earned money on a virtual game, in a virtual world. However, this site is made by gamers for gamers, and the only thing we love here at FRL Gaming more than games, is winning those games. So this section is for everyone in our gamer community who does not mind spending a few bucks to bolster their armies, so that they can roast some marshmallows on the fire they just lit on an enemies City.


We have rated, and ranked several of the RoK value bundles, and gem packs. We want to give our members all the advantages possible. Before you begin spending money on Rise of Kingdoms, you need to sign up to be a member here at FRL Gaming and let us do all the research for you so that you are sure you are getting the most out of every penny. We will even e-mail you alerts if there is a Rise of Kingdoms Special that you won't want to miss out on, and provide updates and strategies that will not be available to non-members. So sign up today!

Below is our current ranking of the Rise of Kingdoms of offers, super-value bundles, and gem packs. These rankings change frequently, mainly in part due to Lilith Games making alterations or updates to their prices or to the rewards given within each pack so check back often. Not all the RoK bundles, and packs are listed here. We keep some information and updates exclusively for our members and the FRL community. 

1. Growth Fund
81,000 Total Gems!

The top selection that we believe has the best value is the Growth Fund. The Rise of Kingdoms Growth Fund is available for $14.99 once a player has reached VIP level 5. With the several beginner bonuses that each players receives VIP 5 is very simple to achieve. Once a player has purchase the Growth Fund, every time they reach one of the benchmark City Hall levels they are awarded the number of gems posted in the picture above. So for just $14.99 you are awarded 81,000 gems. This is a great value for players who are willing to stick with the game. 

The Growth Fund also provides governors with a type of reward for growing. There is nothing better than receiving thousands of gems for simply continuing to grow your kingdom. The boost in gems also provides incentive to continue to grow to get the next massive bag of gems.

We have received several questions from players who have not yet purchase this pack. They are all asking that if they buy it now, even though they are already at a high level of City Hall, is it still worth it? The answer is yes! Another great part about The Growth Fund is that even if you are a higher level of City Hall, if you purchase the pack then you will still receive all the previous gems from the City Halls before. For example, if you are now City Hall level 12 and you decide to purchase The Growth Fund. Then you will unlock and be able to claim the 800 gems from City Hall level 5, the 1,300 gems from level 8, and the 1,700 gems from the level 11, all will be unlocked the second you purchase the pack. Then you will continue to build to collect the rest of the packs. 

2. Supply Depot

In Rise of Kingdoms the Supply Depot in another high value option for players. Although there are several options when you click on the Supply Depot, for both gems and resources. We believe that the 30-Gem Day Supply is one of the best packs to buy on Rise to Kingdoms. 

Once a governor has purchased this pack they are instantly given 650 gems. Then everyday following, for 30 straight days, 650 gems is given every time the game clock reaches 0:00 UTC. (game clock is located in the top right corner of the gameplay screen) This is a total gem amount of 19,500 gems for only $9.99 making this option one of the best valued packs on Rise of Kingdoms. 

Our team highly suggests The Gem Supply Depot to all governors. We constantly renew this pack every time it expires due to the unrivaled value that you receive.

19,500 Total Gems!!
3. King's Coronation Special

In Rise of Kingdoms there are several packs offered to players called the Super-Value Bundles. These are the combo packs that are offered to players that include more than just gems. In each pack there is a variety of speed-ups, resources, VIP points, chests, and other valuable items. Each bundle option usually has items within it that are directed toward helping a player accomplish some task within the game. 

The best of the Super-Value Bundles in Rise of Kingdoms is currently the King's Coronation. These packs may not be for all players due to the significant increase in price. However if you are a player that is willing to spend, this is the pack that you should consider first. 

As with almost all of the Super-Value Bundles in Rise of Kingdoms the King's Coronation increases in price every time it is purchased. The items, and speedups also increase, as each time the bundle increases in value. We suggest buying the pack all the way through until it is sold out, due to the value and the ability of the objects received by the pack to boost a players power.

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Daily Special Offer

The Daily Special Offers on Rise of Kingdoms is another place that players can find significant value, at a lower price.

As the name suggests, The Daily Special Offers are available once a day, every day. Each of the treasures have quality items that will help a player grow.

The best part about these packs is the treasure called the Warlord's Ambition. In this chest there is a chance to receive a number of Coa Coa sculptures that will help players too summon or to upgrade the commanders skills.

Considering the low cost of these packs, combined with the chance to improve or summon a valuable legendary commander, these packs are worth a players consideration.

Ranking of Rise of Kingdoms Gem Packs & Special Bundles With a List of All Material Included

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